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Surplus Industrial Bearings Buyers

When it comes to finding someone to take your extra machine parts of your hands, any number of people will jump at the chance. Surplus industrial bearings buyers are always ready to make a profit from the assets you have little use for, and if you're not extremely cautious in making a selection, you'll find yourself regretting the fact that you didn't make more money from your sale.

Just because overstocks, bankruptcies and lease returns leave a lot of extra junk lying around, some industrial bearings surplus buyers think they can walk in and get it for next to nothing. For you who's selling it, however, your new or used inventory represents a fine chance to make some cash, and you ought to choose only the most trustworthy surplus industrial bearings buyers to help you do so.

Surplus industrial bearing buyers like United Surplus Buyers take a different approach to your assets. We employ friendly, in house reps who will take care of your inquiries in a prompt, polite and knowledgeable manner. Our top goal of absolute customer satisfaction has helped us establish great regular working relationships with hundreds of global, national and local consumers. It doesn't matter if you're an equipment dealer, auction house or just a manufacturer with too much extra merchandise, we'll help you out and make sure you get paid.

When we come to assess your surplus bearings, we won't pick and choose, leaving you with the unwelcome task of getting rid of the leftovers. That's what you pay us for, and an experienced United Surplus Buyers staff member will visit your facility and make a competitive offer on the whole shebang. We're one of the few surplus industrial bearings buyers that pays full freight and travel expenses, so contact us immediately for a superior service experience.
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Surplus Buyers
5213 Brookglen Dr.
Houston, TX 77035
Contact: Jonathan John (713) 823-6276
Steve John (713) 823-7635


We buy all types of Machines, Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Electric Motors, Electrical Surplus and all Inventory Equipment as well as all other Surplus Material NEW or USED !!! "Customer Satisfaction" is our one and only goal. Nothing is loaded or leaves your sight without payment.


Surplus Industrial Bearings

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