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5213 Brookglen Dr.
Houston, TX 77035
Contact: Jonathan John (713) 823-6276
Steve John (713) 823-7635


We buy all types of Machines, Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Electric Motors, Electrical Surplus and all Inventory Equipment as well as all other Surplus Material NEW or USED !!! "Customer Satisfaction" is our one and only goal. Nothing is loaded or leaves your sight without payment.



Surplus Industrial Equipment Fork Lift Back Hoes Cranes Tools Buyers

Are the surplus industrial equipment buyers who deal with your dispositions ready to accommodate your every last desire, or do they simply provide some standard services that you've come to view with little enthusiasm? When you're selling surplus cranes and other industrial tools, it's common to find out that the people you work with are more like people who work against you, but not if you pick carefully.

United Surplus Buyers are of a different breed. Our customers come before anything else, meaning that we'll take the time and put in the effort necessary to get them the best deals. Even though many surplus fork lift buyers simply do the absolute minimum, we try to make the market work for everyone involved, with justified valuation that reflects the current trends most beneficial to you.

No surplus industrial equipment buyers are absolutely perfect, but we've developed a process that comes closer than any other. By focusing on consumer compensation and open business that puts a face behind the name for every contact you deal with, we've increased our ability to get your surplus tools from your storage facilities to places where the people who need them can buy them.

When you search for the best back hoes surplus buyers online, you can feel secure in your choice if you find someone who's willing to pay up front. Auctioneers, finance firms, manufacturers and industrial concerns love our smart services because we allow them to maintain a firm grip on their extra assets until they've been paid. When you've got tools you don't need, go with the surplus industrial equipment buyers that will work hard to get you payments. Call United Surplus Buyers' Jonathan John today at (713) 823-6276 for more information.

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