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You've got a lot of extra high-tech assets on your hands, and it's proving hard to get rid of them. Finding surplus electrical wire buyers that don't mess around when it comes to fair, prompt payment, bogus removal charges or any other particulars is important, because your ability to profit is directly related to your ability to free up space.

Surplus cable switches, transformers, distribution equipment and panelboards that just sit around in your warehouses only make you lose money, so when you need a company that takes care of handling with lightning speed, United Surplus Buyers is ready to help. Located in Houston, our trained staff represents some of the most trustworthy new and used surplus electrical wire buyers in the country, meaning that you can expect even dealing and no price gouging.

Unlike other surplus transformer breaker buyers, we wont remove those safety transfer switches, motor control centers or contactors from your lot without paying first. United Surplus Buyers maintains a strict policy of providing customer satisfaction above all else, so we don't even load our trucks until you're 100% satisfied with the payment you have in hand.

We understand that equipment dealers, high-tech manufacturers, and leasing companies often get the short end of the stick in their trade-offs with typical surplus fittings buyers, and we want to even things up a bit. To the auctioneers, trustees and companies trying to do nothing more than make an honest living by while getting rid of their unneeded high-tech parts, United Surplus Buyers presents a perfect solution to the logistics of liquidation. No other surplus electrical wire buyers are as honest and easy to work with as we are, so go ahead and contact our experts, Jonathan at or Steve at today.

Surplus Buyers
1108 Pennsylvania St.
Houston, TX 77035
Contact: Jonathan John (713) 823-6276
Steve John (713) 823-7635


We buy all types of Machines, Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Electric Motors, Electrical Surplus and all Inventory Equipment as well as all other Surplus Material NEW or USED !!! "Customer Satisfaction" is our one and only goal. Nothing is loaded or leaves your sight without payment.


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