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X Ray Film Recycling

When you find yourself with a surplus of x-ray film and equipment, don't think you need to continue housing this excess supply. Instead, turn to Surplus Buyers, equipment buyers that provide x ray film recycling services for hospitals, clinics and other medical centers. Our x-ray film buyers are responsible for taking away outdated film and recycling it. You receive cash on the spot, and all film is shredded in a HIPAA compliant manner. At the end of our interaction, you'll have a certificate of destruction and cash in your hand as well as freed up space in your facility. You can't ask for a better deal than that!

At Surplus Buyers, we're all about making x-ray film recycling hassle-free for our customers. We're used to taking excess inventory off our customers' hands, whether it be machines, pipes, electric motors or industrial equipment. We understand that with equipment this large, we can't expect our customers to come to us with their inventory. The same goes for our x ray film recycling services; we don't expect you to pile all of your outdated x-ray film into your vehicle and drive it to our facility. Our x ray film buyers are more than happy to come to your location and assess your medical equipment inventory as well as haul away old x-ray film. We're punctual, efficient and respectful with each visit.

We know that to many people, our professional x-ray film buyers sound too good to be true. Give us a try and see what others love about our company, and we promise, we'll make a believer out of you! Remember, our service for recycling x-ray film is:
  • Dependable. We are licensed, insured and certified.
  • Cost-effective. You get cash on the spot.
  • Hassle-free. We come to you!
  • Eco-friendly. The methods we use for shredding are environmentally friendly and limit waste in the landfills.
  • Compliant. We keep in compliance with HIPPA to ensure the confidentially of your medical files.
Contact Surplus Buyers today for a free quote on x ray film recycling. Let us take your excess film supply off your hands while granting you extra space, money in your pocket and peace of mind that all documents are shredded in HIPPA compliance.

Surplus Buyers
1108 Pennsylvania St.
Houston, TX 77035
Contact: Jonathan John (713) 823-6276
Steve John (713) 823-7635


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